Vicky Batchelor's current 'Arm DESTRUCTION' workout.. Its a BEAST!

Warm up - 2 x 30 extensions

Extensions (rope) - 3 x 8-10

Dips (weighted) - 3 x 8-10

Underhanded (overhead) Extensions - 3 x 12-16

BB Curl (close grip) - 3 x 10-12

Hammer Curls (heavy) - 3 x 8

Kneeling Cable Curls (finisher) - 1 x 25-30

job done. 

WOW, I do all this with my arm days besides the cable curls. I really want the cablessss but danggggg :D


Waking up to her is nice, I mean really nice I’m really lucky. No school today, it got called off. Decided to read more of divergent today which is an amazing book. On chapter 21 and I’m simply loving this book. Of course, my ex causes more drama which makes my girl upset. I’m starting to hate the way she acts, but I’ll always respect her. (Which is a dumb thing but oh well it’s who I am) I need to wash clothes for school tommorow, looks like were having no more snow. That’s about it for today~